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Vietnam Gac Fruit-Momordica Cochinchinensis, A Heaven Fruit Oil Extracted - 100 Capsules



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Gross weight 108 grams/ box. Recomend to buy 02 boxes, 04 boxes, 06 boxes, 9 boxes...

Gac is an unique tropical fruit in Vietnam. It grows on dioecious vines and is usually collected from fence climbers or from wild plants. The vines can be widely seen growing on lattices at the entrances to rural homes or in gardens. It only fruits once a year, and is found seasonally in local markets. The fruit itself becomes a dark orange color upon ripening, and is typically round or oblong, maturing to a size of about 13 cm in length and 10 cm in diameter. Its exterior skin is covered in small spines while its dark red interior consists of clusters of fleshy pulp and seeds.
Typical of orange-colored plant foods, gac fruit contains carotenoids such as beta-carotene (provitamin A). Vietnamese children fed a rice dish containing beta-carotene from gac had higher blood levels of beta-carotene than those in the control group. Gac aril oil contains high levels of vitamin E. Fatty acids in the aril oil may facilitate absorption of fat-soluble nutrients, including carotenoids.

VINAGA is extracted from Gac fruit in Vietnam. The function to prevent vitamin deficiency, increasing immunity, increase resistance of the body, antioxidants , anti-aging cells, prevention and treatment of disease, remove the harmful effects of environmental chemicals, radiation ... to help develop a healthy body, especially for children and women

- Pure Gac oil, containing Beta-carotene 80mg/ 100g ; Lycopen 35mg/ 100g (15.1 times higher than carrots and 68 times more than tomatoes ...), Alphacotopherol 10mg/ 100g (pre-Vitamin E), many plant fats such as Oleic 14.4% ; Linoleic 14.7%, Stearic 7.69%, Palmatic 33.38%... and other nutrients essential for human body. 

VINAGA as functional foods for prevention and treatment of diseases:
To enhance brain development, vision in children, slow memory decline in older people.
Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis.
Prevention and treatment of dry eye treatment, blurred vision, nutritional anemia.
Prevention and treatment of vitamin treatment, malnourished children, help children to develop their body and overall health.
Prevention and treatment of darkening skin treatment, acne, dry skin, rash. Effective skin care, skin protection, help skin always rosy, fresh and smooth. Prevention and treatment of hair loss.
Increases resistance against infections
Anti-aging and youth preservation
Prevention and treatment of DNA damage in cases of contaminated toxic dioxin or other cases using food contains gain weight, plant protection drugs not break out or the chemicals in the security of agricultural products... Cancer patients after surgery, radiation, chemicals, steroids ...: Gac oil helps to quickly restore health and prevent the risk of cancer.
Prevention and treatment of diabetes treatment, help lower blood cholesterol.
Make heal wounds, burns, ulcers. Prevention and treatment of tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases.
A number of U.S. studies published recently show that the compounds of beta carotene, lycopene, Vitamin E ... in gac oil works to disable 75% of the carcinogens in general, especially breast cancer.

For diseases prevention, micronutrient supplementation, health promotion: Each day take 2 to 4 capsules.
For infants (from the fourth month) to prevent naturally vitamin A deficiency, cure dry eyes, infection prevention: put Gac oil into milk, flour, porridge: Every day take 1 to 2 capsules.
For mothers during pregnancy, to prevent vitamin, anemia and micronutrient nutrition deficiency: Each day take 2 to 4 capsules.
For those with hepatitis, cirrhosis, or at risk of developing liver cancer, cancer patients after treatment with chemicals or radiation ... Each day take 10 capsules or more as indicated doctor's treatment.
For skin care, prevention and treatment of skin disease for women: take 4 capsules daily or use on lips, face up in the evening daily.
Each course takes at least from 40 to 60 days. Courses separated by 7 days.

Late 2017 or Later

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by Irene Le
on 16/1/2017
After two weeks, my skin is getting better
Thank you so much! Great product!
by Jakob
on 10/11/2016
Excellent service and comunication
Good product and quick ship
by Lica Puzu
on 8/7/2016
by Ann
on 14/8/2015
Love this product!
Brilliant, thanks
by Nicolas Stevie
on 30/3/2015
Excellent! Thanks!
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