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Vietnam Golden Star Balm - Natural Remedy - Aromatic Balsam

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Gross weight 09 grams/ box. Recomend to buy 02 boxes, 10 boxes, 24 boxes...

World famous and old-proven. Golden Star Balm is a rare combination of vegetable oils. This medical balm are 100% made from traditional ingredients. It is very popular in Vietnam and in the world.

Camphor - 698.31 mg 
Methol - 23.31 mg 
Mint Oil - 208.50 mg 
Melaleuca Oil - 721.50 mg 
White Basil Oil - 54.99 mg 
Cinnamon Oil - 16.84 mg 

Cold and Flu, Headache, Dry Cough, Mosquito and other insect bites

Balm is very useful for colds, dry cough, Hard Breath, rheumatism, migraines, aching joints. Material for the manufacture of balsam are natural essential oils derived from eucalyptus, peppermint, clove, cinnamon. In addition, the composition of balsam include aromatic acids and herbal products, the main task of which irritate nerve endings of the skin and mucous membranes of organs. 

Headache: If you have a headache, feel a bout of seasickness during the trip,it is recommended to rub a very small amount of balm below nose, on forehead and neck. After using, please clean your hands before touching your eyes (may burn much). 

Hard Breath: In boiling water, add a bit of balm, and you can make better inhalation when breathing

Dry Cough: (In case of no inflammation): It is recomended to use a small amount of Golden Star Balm to rub on the neck and sole of the foot. Keep warm by socks for few hours. Try not to use to much and too many times

Insect Bites: To prevent insect bites (mosquito, ant..) you can use the small amount to rub on your hand and your legs. The scent of balm will keep bugs away. 

If you are stung by the ant or mosquito, use litter amount of Golden Star Balm to rub on the place which insect bites. It will relief you from the itching 

If inflamed trigeminal or facial nerve, can lubricate these parts balm. Also used for rheumatism and joint pain. 

Balm can be stored for very long and does not lose its properties.

EXP: 2018 or later



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by My Thuong
on 6/12/2016
Love this product
Thank you
by Ho Eni
on 13/4/2016
Thank you for sending.
This is a great balm, I like it
by lina
on 31/12/2015
Tiny Balm but Amazing
First impression looks small, But It can be used for long time and never lost the function. I like it very much and my mom love it too. I will buy again. Thank you. Lina
by Johnny Dinh
on 17/12/2015
Cool, Thank you
My mother is Vietnamese. She love this tiny balm very much. She said she will give to our relative, so we may need to buy again soon. Regards
by Gabrielen
on 21/8/2015
It is hard to find it here in France, but I was using it in the past. It is good for our cold wheather, can be used to prevent commom cold systom. I am very happy to purchase it from you even it costs a bit more because of shipping charge. Thanks !!!!
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